Wedding FAQ

1. How would you describe your style?
We say we are not “wedding DJs,” because the type of music we play isn’t typical of what you hear at most weddings. Think more Elastica versus “Electric Slide.” It’s a little rock and roll, a little Motown, a lot of 80s, remixes of indie rock songs, and more. You can expect to hear anything from Bowie to Beastie Boys, Feist to France Gall, and the Temptations to Two Door Cinema Club.


2. How do you work with couples to determine a playlist?
Typically after hearing about what the couple likes, we’ll present two to three libraries of sample songs to play – one for cocktail hour and/or dinner perhaps, and always a list of dance songs. We ask about the overall feel of the playlist, and make sure to make note of “must play” songs versus “do not play” songs throughout the time period before their wedding, as well as guidance on taking requests.


3. What are your favorite first dance songs?
We think first dance songs are very personal and really should be left to the couple to decide what that track should be! I can say from experience that picking a first dance song is very difficult. We have a sample list on our Spotify, which includes some classics as well as more contemporary and unexpected songs from the likes of Arcade Fire, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and more.


4. Have you ever played at my reception venue before?
That really depends on the place! While we will travel for weddings, we have mainly DJed at clubs, restaurants, reception halls, museums, galleries, and more throughout the Northeast Ohio area, including the Cleveland Museum of Art, Ariel International Center, 78th Street Studios, the Tudor Arms, Cleveland Botanical Garden, Aloft Hotel Downtown Cleveland, Patterson Fruit Farm, Lake Affect Studios, Happy Dog at Euclid Tavern, The Shoreby Club, Park Lane Villa, Touch Supper Club, Emerson Dairy Farm, Crown Point Ecology Center, Hines Hill, Hedge Gallery, The Cleveland Hyatt-Arcade, Union Club, Forest Hill Kitchen & Ballroom, Crawford Museum, Cleveland Yachting Club, House of Blues, Happy Dog, Greystone Hall, the Tangier, Luxe, the English Oak Room, Greenhouse Tavern, Holden Arboretum, Grey’s Armory, and many more.


5. How extensive is your music library?
We’re huge music lovers at heart. In addition, Reena has worked in the music industry for 12 years, so we’ve had access to a pretty substantial understanding and collection of music!


6. What type of equipment do you use?
We use a Macbook, a mixer, a controller, and of course two speakers on stands bring you the jams. We also always bring at least one form of backup, like an iPad, in case God forbid something goes wrong. It’s always important to be absolutely prepared!


7. What does setup and breakdown entail?
Unless otherwise arranged, we bring all of our own sound equipment and arrive on-site about an hour before guests arrive to set-up. That hour time includes soundcheck, so that we are ready to go once the clock starts. As far as breakdown, it’s the least fun part of an evening because it means it’s time to go home! It takes us about 30 minutes to break down.
8. Do you have a demo or a recording of a wedding you’ve done in the past that I can see?
We do not currently have a demo or recording of a wedding we have done, but that’s hopefully coming soon! Reena has been on the radio a couple times “playing” some of my favorite new songs, though, which you can listen to under Press or follow us on Spotify!


9. Do you work with an assistant or second DJ?
Together, Reena and Jody Goodwin are DJ Goodwin. It’s great to have an extra smile and set of hands willing to help make the night go as smoothly as possible. Sometimes, an event can go for six to seven hours, and a second DJ can help run the decks if one needs a break, to track down your crying father so he can hand him the mic before he gives his speech, etc.


10. So, how much does this typically cost?
We strive to be inclusive with our offerings and competitive in our pricing, therefore our rates are based on time rather than add-ons. The average cost for a wedding reception is $1,200. For a customized estimate, please contact us! Rates include two DJs, sound equipment, travel within Cleveland, advance site-check, set-up/break down time at the event, music curating and consulting time with clients. Our number one priority is music, so at this time we do not offer lighting packages, but we are happy to refer you to some great lighting artists.

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