Just press play? Not so fast! Here are some of your Frequently Asked Questions, answered!


1.) Who is DJ Goodwin?

DJ Goodwin is Reena and Jody Goodwin. We are a young married couple living and working in Cleveland, Ohio!

2.) Do you both DJ? 

Reena is the primary DJ, but we are every bit a duo in this effort, from set up/breakdown, consultations, bookkeeping and marketing.

3.) Do you DJ full-time?

No, we actually have full-time jobs aside from. DJing is our passion project!

4.) What equipment do you use?

We DJ with a Macbook and music mixing software, and come prepared to play with a mixing board, and if needed a PA system and microphone.

5.) Do you DJ with vinyl?

Mmmm, vinyl. While it’s delicious, it is heavy, so we don’t DJ outside of our house with vinyl. Instead, we use high quality digital audio tracks to play our tunes, and never streaming off of the Internet unless it’s a request and we don’t have the song.

6.) What kind of music do you play?

We are currently composing an ABBA through Zutons list of bands to share, but in terms of genres, we skew on the more indie rock, 80s, dance-rock, alternative, and pop side of the music spectrum. We also love (almost) all things 90s music, especially grunge, and play hip-hop, rock and roll, jazz, Motown, and more!

7.) But would you play Top 40 and Country for us?

We’re always honored to be considered for a gig, but here’s the deal. Any DJ can play music for you, but we always want to make sure we are the right DJs for you. We do and would play some Top 40, but if that’s the bulk of your wishlist, we are probably not the best match musically. Country is a no-go.

8.) How can you select songs before a specific gig? 

While you can’t predict a crowd, we always like to narrow down a set of songs to create a playlist based on the event and our clients’ musical tastes and wishes. However, we always bring our full library of days worth of music to gigs so we have everything in our back pocket.

9.) Do you emcee while DJing?

We totally can, have, and will. Our style is more on the friendly, “welcome ladies and gentlemen!” side, and less on the “everybody sc-areeeeeeeam!” side of things. We consider the music the star of the show, not us.

10.) Do you travel?

Yes, we are willing to and have traveled for DJ gigs.

11.) How much do you charge to DJ?

It really does really depend! We quote based on the amount of time we are going to be DJing, if there is any travel involved, if we have to rent any special equipment, etc. Upfront, though, we can say we’ve shopped around, and we know our prices are very competitive.

12.) We are getting married. What kind of musical things do I need to consider?

First of all, congratulations! While we consider ourselves to not be traditional wedding DJs, we love playing weddings. We have a FAQ section devoted to weddings specifically, and to add to that, we would recommend thinking about communicating the kinds of music you and your significant other truly love. We can build off of that core together, or if you have a definitive idea of what you want to hear – maybe it’s jazz during cocktail hour, a mix of Dean Martin and Death Cab for Cutie for dinner, and Motown meets Indie-pop for the dance party, we want to hear!

13.) What do I do if I’m interested in having you DJ my event?

We’d recommend filling out this form to kick things off. Good things to let us know off the bat are a.) what kind of event you’re planning, b.) when the event is, plus where and what time(s), and c.) a general sense of the kind of music you’re interested in. If we are available, we ideally would like to set up a phone call or meet up for coffee to chat more in detail about your event!

14.) How do I hold my event date with DJ Goodwin?

A signed contract and a deposit makes it official for private gigs like weddings and parties.

15.) What happens after our date is held?

Closer to your event, we will want to talk in greater detail about music, review your itinerary together, get in touch with any contacts we need to communicate with, etc!